The Need

The world may not actually view certain issues the way we do; or the manner in which we would like. Sometimes, they don’t even consider an issue which is important to us, at all.

Can we decipher ‘what’ agitates society; ‘how’ society interprets issues that are important to us?

What does it take to extract unbiased, informative, and human insights from the vast amount of information available through the World Wide Web, or any other source of textual content?

We are pioneering applications that help enhance and leverage two super-traits: Empathy and Curiosity – to address this uncomfortable reality.

A combination that can help solve a critical challenge for brands and individuals alike: what and how do people really think about a particular issue.

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Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Our solutions are not based on conditioning research or self-validating, presumptive surveys . . .they are based exclusively on how society views a particular issue, on what terms and, even, the very words it uses to address it in their subconscious, regular daily lives.

The results may surprise you, but that’s the beauty and challenge of human nature – people don’t always behave as we predict.

  • Emotional Climate ReportsTM

  • NEMO Empathy OptimizerTM

  • Easy EmpathyTM (coming soon)

  • Curiosity EngineeringTM (coming soon)

We have developed pay-per-use applications based on a new approach to information search and analytics. The applications use proprietary technology to analyse massive web searches and reveal the themes, needs, and emotions associated with any issue we are interested in — a social psychological construct that provides a concise picture of public discourse: ‘Voices of Society’ — at a point in time, for a particular country and language.

Our applications complement existing information search and analytic tools, principally by broadening information search into the domain of social psychological associations and providing analytics that generate humanistic AND ‘presumption-free’ insights from these associations.

Our solutions are based exclusively on public data, and are 100% anonymous and non-invasive. We analyse how society addresses a particular issue in a completely open, unconditioned manner; on society’s terms, in its vernacular, without them being aware of (or affected by) the research process.

And we can do this for any issue, every day, in any country and any language . . .

As such, the application areas for our solutions — which we collectively term as Human Augmentation TechnologyTM — are also different to those of existing tools.

Our Products

Our solutions analyze cohorts’ motivations – the root cause of actions
and behaviour of individuals and groups – and provide relevant reports.

NEMO MRA Empathy Optimizer

Alerts businesses, managers and investors to risks and opportunities, and offers actionable insights that can be acted upon, immediately.

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Emotional Climate Reports

The reports provide an objective, unconditioned assessment of the most predominant emotions associated with a particular issue in a specific region.

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Easy Empathy

A multi-level game for individuals, families or colleagues to detect emotions driving issues and events in any country.

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Emotional Weather Window


Our Team

Our team comprises academic and business leaders who combine expertise in neuro-behavioural sciences with computing sciences, management theory, and practice.

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